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It’s challenging enough for your teenager to try and figure out who he or she is with all these changes taking place with their bodies, so make it easier for them by giving them a supplement that will not only make them feel great about themselves but give them a better overall self esteem as well.

Teen Guard is a nutritional supplement formulated for teenagers to help cope with stress, promote healthy hormone development, build immunity, boost energy levels and  keep skin healthy.

The Teen Guard range includes Teen Guard GIRLS and Teen Guard GUYS multivitamin with a Super B Complex, Teen Guard FOCUS for improved focus and concentration, especially in the class room and, Teen Guard ZIT BUSTER to promote healthy skin and reduce those embarrassing self -image destroying breakouts, blemishes and scarring.

Teen Guard Products

When you can't keep up.... know that Teen Guard can

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Teen Guard GIRLS


Teen Guard Girls is specifically formulated to help you cope, support your hormones, brain function, and energy levels.

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Teen Guard GUYS


Teen Guard Boys has been specifically formulated to help you cope and support your brain function and energy levels.

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Teen Guard FOCUS


Teen Guard Focus has been formulated to help you stay calm and focused during stressful times.

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Teen Guard Zit Buster is formulated to help balance your hormones and your sebum production and help keep skin healthy.

What are the benefits?

What We Offer

More Energy

Teen Guard Girls and boys is formulated with high vitamin B complex to support good energy levels.

Vitamin B Complex

Teen Guard offers nutritional health supplement specifically formulated for teenagers.

Concentration and Focus

Teen Guard focus will help teens concentrate and keep calm during exam times.

Skin Care

Teen Guard acne is specifically formulated to help teens have healthy skin.

Teen Guard is a range of supplements for teens

when you can't keep up, know Teen Guard can

Customers Testimonials

What People Say About Us

Teenguard helped with the stress and pressure while the twins competed for the ``Vaal Model of the Year 2011" on Saturday. Riaan won the title `` Vaal Model of the Year 2011`` and Ruan was one of the top 5 Finalists.........thanks to Teenguard who gave them the courage to do well!!
Linda Jansen van Rensburg
I used to get very stressed before exams. The pressure was too much and I couldn't concentrate. Teen Guard FOCUS helped me stay calm and concentrate, thank you Teen Guard

Choosing Your Product

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Helps you cope
Supports hormones
Brain Function
Energy Levels
For Girls
Helps you cop
Supports hormones
Brain Function
Energy Levels
For Guys
Stay calm
Stay focused
Helps you cope
Manage Stress
Natural Formula
TEENGUARDzit buster
Balance hormones
Balance sebum
Keep skin healthy
Manage break outs
Natural Formula