Teen Girl Hormones

There is now help for your teen to navigate the crazy hormone roller coaster ride they deal with on a daily basis… Being a teen girl can be a tricky time for both you and your teen. Surging hormones cause changes in the way your teens’ body looks on the outside as well as creating changes on the inside. She might be feeling confused and anxious about her changing body or having strong emotions that she has never had before. She may be experiencing mood swings, depression and fatigue as well as displaying symptoms such as acne, period pain, breast swelling and headaches, to name a few. She may be feeling overly sensitive and lose her temper and get angry at her family or friends… All these changes can be scary and strange and you know all about them.

The food-hormone connection is real.

Food is one of the most powerful levers we can pull to balance hormones during puberty. With puberty comes growth spurts and your teen girl needs more nutrition than before. Although diet is not always the cause of hormonal imbalance, getting an adequate supply of vitamins and other nutrients as well as the essentials such as proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats are critical for their diet. These vitamins, nutrients and foods all aid in the production of sex hormones and will improve hormonal-related symptoms and encourage healthy hormone production in teen girls.  

Don’t skip on the supplements.

One of the most important things you can do is help your teen navigate these issues with a good supplement on a daily basis. Teen Guard GIRLS is a nutritional supplement packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for your teen girl’s health and well being. Not only does Teen Guard GIRLS provide a broad spectrum of all the B vitamins to nourish your teens’changing body, it alsohas iron which increases the iron levels reducing the risk for iron deficiency as well as being packed with magnesium, zinc, folic acid and more which all help alleviate the hormonal surges. A daily dose of Teen Guard GIRLS along with a healthy balanced diet will ensure that your teen can feel confident and in control of her emotions at all times. Teen Guard GIRLS multivitamin with a Super B Complex, is formulated for teenagers to help cope with stress, keep hormones balanced, build immunity, boost energy levels and keep skin healthy. Teen Guard …..keeping up with your teen’s demands!